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Like all other living creatures , human being is also an animal(from the evolution).every creature that exists right now are originated from the only nature. unfortunately we human beings fail to acknowledge the root cause and the nature.on a simple note we can justify nature ad the mother of our ancestors and ancient generations (mother nature).why arewe vulnerable to so many diseases??while the other living creatures such as animals and plants are healthy ? in Mimamsa point of view these could be the major causes::


1).These days humans are not much regualarly exposed to the sunlight directly
2).not taking adequate drinking water and not taking pure and natural water
3).livinng in polluted or contaminated areas due to urbanization ,inhaling the polluted air
4).excess food intake in daily life and also not taking food in raw state adultaerated ,refined and adulterated food
5).suppressing primary helping diseases like flue,vomiting,motions etc.


“food is medicine”
“well balanced diet,sufficient physical exercise,fresh air,plenty of sunlight,pure drinking water,scrupulous cleanliness,adequate rest and right mental attitude can ensure proper health and prevent disease”we fallow this principle.


Human body needs proteins,chorbohydrates,fibres,vitamins,natural hormons,fats and minerals daily wise we have to refill with our natural food.then only our system run properly.
We match the food supplements (natural and plant based) to maintain the requirements in our body,then its functions well.and for this we provide food supplements well researched and tested diet plans to our clients.we are currently maintaining couple of health clubs with our supplements and special diet plans,thousands of people already cured from type 2 diabetes,artharites,joint knee pains,pcod,thyroid,peralysis and few other diseases.we train our clients thru our training programs.